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Local Computer Repair

 07710 676 621

Providing trustworthy and reliable support, servicing the Isle of Bute. Our technicians have over 20 years experience building and repairing PCs and laptops professionally to the highest standard. 

Why don't we have an 01700 number?
Because although we can't always answer the phone we want to get back to you as quick as we can. So please leave a message and we'll get back to you.


PC running slow?

Ever had the feeling you want to throw that PC out the window? Don't worry, the chances are your PC just needs some TLC. We'll give your machine a wee tidy up, and she’ll be running like new again in no time.


We come to you

If you're on the Isle of Bute we'll come and pick up your machine, take it back to our repair lab, and drop it off at a time that suits you. That way we don't take up your valuable time sitting around your house eating all your biscuits and drinking all your tea! 


'I just need some help'

If you're needing some tuition on how to send a picture in an email, Skype with your family, or just want to know how your computer works, then we're definitely your go-to guys. Our expert has been teaching IT at various levels for over ten years. 


Setup Service

We can help you get set up and familiar with your new computer or smartphone. Want to know how to get your email on your phone? We’ll come to you and walk you through the setup and use of your new device, explaining in clear language everything you need to know. 

Drop us a Line

Don't hesitate to contact us

Contact Details

Phone: 07710 676 621


Rothesay Repair
Isle of Bute


Phone: 07710676 621